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About RentalCompare

RentalCompare is a web marketplace connecting people who seek event and equipment rentals with rental companies. RentalCompare lists over 500,000 individual rentals from over 1,000 rental ccompanies in over 80 metropolitan markets. Features unique to RentalCompare is the ability to search, view and compare specific rentals rather than rental categories, allowing "one click" searching for, as an example, a "red sofa rental in los angeles". A search for rental chairs or tables each returns over 1,000 chairs and tables from dozens of rental companies.
Another unique feature from RentalCompare is the rental industry's first standardized "Rental Information Sheet", a PDF document that will allow rental professionals and individuals to print, download, compare and email information on specific rentals so they may be compared.
Requesting a quote through RentalCompare to a specific rental company is as easy as clicking on a button. Just select your rental item or items, go to the Item Description Page, and enter some information about the rental date and who you are, and press the "Request a Quote" button.
The request will be sent to the specific person at the rental company that handles quotes, and they will get back to you immediately.
Alternatively, you may contact the rental company vendor directly via phone, email or go to the rental company's web site to arrange directly your rental.
RentalCompare does not interfere with you directly arranging your rental.