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Here is some background on RentalCompare and it will explain the affiliate relationship:


1.     RentalCompare ( is the web’s largest marketplace for event and equipment rentals, with over 500,000 different rentals from over 1,000 rental companies.  We have been live for two years.

a.    We list rental companies’ rental inventories by specific Item, not category, and this allows anyone seeking rentals to “keyword search” for any rental (e.g., “red sofa”, “crystal chandelier”, etc.)  Try the site and you will get it instantly.

b.    We charge each rental company a listing fee of between $10 - $100 each month, depending on the size of the company’s inventory (a maximum of $100 a month, however). 

c.     I already have a Canadian affiliate and am signing a Mexican affiliate at the end of the year.  With this North American experience, we are ready to expand our reach and are actively seeking affiliates worldwide.

2.     We are seeking affiliate companies for arelationship with RentalCompare (RC).

a.    We want RC to have a local representative to sell our listing services(advertising) on RC.

b.    Income to the Affiliate is in the form of a “revenue sharing” of the listing fees paid to RC at a 50/50 split.  That is, each month as your rental companies pay their listing fees, you will receive half of that fee.  This is recurring revenue to us both, the most desired form of revenue!

c.     The site is configured to maintain local marketplaces in virtually any city or metropolitan area you wish.  We can further segment the markets as you reach “critical mass” in any one.

3.     Our experience with other affiliates shows us that the successful affiliates dedicate at least one salesperson to this tele-sales effort(this is phone sales and email – no travel).  If an affiliate cannot commit that resource to the relationship, we know they won’t succeed. Our goal is to:

a.    Sell listings to a majority of event rental companies in each market, creating a substantial, relevant and compelling market.

b.    Then expand our marketing to other rental categories like equipment, office/home, medical and sports equipment and do the same.

c.     There is no limit on the rental industries which we can include, but that is a long term consideration.

4.     The good news is that one needs no prior experience in advertising sales.  Rental companies understand our new concept easily and our size is an automatic attraction.  Everyone wants to join a company operating a large market, and one that has traction and momentum.

5.     We have a complete work plan which we provide to almost assure your success.  After contacting and talking with hundreds of rental company owners, we have the pitch down cold.

6.     As an aside, 8 years ago I started and still operate a boutique event rental company in L.A. so with that experience I designed the site to be attractive both to renters and to rental companies. 



I am selling you on this, and I am sure you can see that, but be assured I believe in it. 


Do consider the requirement to field at least one full time sales person.  I know from my own experience that this is the minimum.  A good salesperson in my company can sell one new vendor each day, but it takes a full 8 hour work day.  The good news is that the sales pipeline is only a week or two.  Our pitch is persuasive:

1.     This does not require a capital expenditure for the rental company; most rental companies can give you a c.c. over the phone and be up and visible instantly.  

2.     We don’t require long term contracts so that is attractive.  All listing fees are month to month, and over the past year that we have been selling, not one rental company has cancelled their listing.

3.     And the capper is:  I have a team who will build an account on RC from the rental company’s website inventory for them, so they don’t have to do any “heavy lifting” like uploading hundreds of photos, descriptions, etc.  We do this for free.  You see, we do have it down cold.


We have answers to any and all “push backs” and our offering is one with no rough edges.


Are you still interested?  If so, please let me know.  I can give you a peek at the work plan, sample pitch emails, etc.


Thanks, in advance.


Darryl Aken




8420 Osage Avenue

Los Angeles, CA  90045



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