Can’t find what you are looking for?

If you do not find what you are looking for on our site, you can list the product or service you are looking for under the “Can’t find what you are looking for?” button. Vendors servicing your category will be contacted via email. Responses from vendors will be returned to your personal email. This is also a great resource for custom requests or projects.

Whom do you pay for your rental?

Vendors may choose to provide online item reservation and payment. In this case, you may reserve an item on Rental Compare, reserve the item for 24 hours while arranging payment for the item directly with the vendor, and receive an email confirmation confirming the booking through Rental Compare. If a vendor requests that you contact the vendor for reservation, booking and payment, then you will negotiate directly with the vendor, either via phone, the Rental Compare quote system, or email.

What are the search guidelines?

Use the following guidelines when entering keywords and other search terms to provide you with an optimal set of results:

  • If you enter more than one keyword, the search will be conducted as if AND were inserted between each of the search terms. Commas aren't necessary to separate multiple search terms (commas are treated as AND in keyword searches). An ampersand functions as AND in a search (insert a space between keywords and "&=").
  • Keywords are not case-sensitive; it does not matter whether you use uppercase or lowercase letters, or any combination of the two.
  • You may search using keywords, Item SKUs or Vendor names.
  • Each image has many keywords that can be used for searching. Some examples of different types of keywords include:
  • Type of furniture (Chair, Table, and so on)
  • A specific event (Children’s Party, Wedding, and so on)
  • A location (Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and so on)
  • A specific color (Black, White, and so on)
  • A theme of an item or event (Western, Colonial, and so on)

What is the Item Details page?

The Item Details page provides all the information about a specific product or service (such as the image title, keywords, description, etc.). From this page you can use the following features:

  • Print this Page: Prints the image and details on a single page;
  • Email this Item: Email the product or service to a colleague or friend;
  • Request a Quote: Enter the details of your project and send a free, non-binding enquiry to a vendor.
  • Rate and Review: Rate and review the product or service based on your experience with the item.
  • View previous and next images: Displays other images on your search results page without flipping back and forth between the search results and the details view

How do you change the appearance of the search results?

You can change the way the results appear in the list to display image information. Click Change layout and select options for making the search results appear the way you want.

Need inspiration?

The Item Details page displays up to four related products or services that the vendor suggests work well with the item. You can use these related products or services to design an event, limit delivery costs by using one vendor for your event, and negotiate discounts on a package rental from a vendor.

What is the search path?

The search path provides a trail of keywords that lead consecutively to the current search results. If you’re lost or want to return to a previous listing of results, click one of the keywords in the trail.

What are the common search problems?

Issue Do This
Too Few Results Enter a wider search term in the Search Box or delete descriptive words in the Search Box and select Go.
Too Many Results Use the refine search prompts and keywords. Or, select Search Within and enter a different term.
Start Over Enter a new search term in the search box and select Go.
Lost on the Site You can always enter a new search term in the Search Box and select Go or select the Rental Compare logo in the upper left hand corner to go back to the homepage.

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