Vendor FAQ

How to become a Vendor?

  1. Register and order a Listing Package
  2. Log in and update your company information
  3. Add rental items including photos and details (if you have over 100 items please contact for assistance)

How will I know a Client is interested in my rental Item?

Clients interested in your rental items will reach you by the following ways:

  1. Email a "Quote Request" from RentalComp
  2. Contacting you directly
  3. Going to your web site and requesting more information
  4. Each day clients look at and act on your items, RentalComp will send you via email a report (by item) listing exactly which items and which actions were taken.

What are the Vendor listing fees?

Listing fees are monthly and range from $9.95/month for listing 5 items to $99.95/month for listing an unlimited number of items. "Link" click here to register and list your items.

How can renters see all of my inventory in one place?

Clients (renters) simply enter your company name in the blue search bar and all your inventory will appear in the "search results". You will set up all combinations of your name with "vendor tags" after you register.

Are there any long term contracts to list my inventory?

All listing services are month to month, so there are no long term contracts.

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