Lighting Rentals in Los Angeles

Posted on | March 5, 2018 | No Comments

One of the first things one notices at a social gathering is the lighting. The single most important task of any party planner is to make sure that the lighting is flattering and complimentary to the theme of the party.

We offer a wide variety of lighting options from great vendors like Holo-Walls, who even have LED liquid fusion interactive tabletop rentals. From liquid fusion floor tiles to holographic dance floors, Holo-Walls is sure to light up the party.

There are so many creative ways to maximize on lighting in every environment. For example, Air Dimensional rents huge 8ft standing spheres in a variety of colors. How fun is that? These low energy high impact spheres are the perfect touch to an artsy type of gathering.

Don’t let poor lighting dim your shine, let us brighten your experience!