Spring is Here, time to Clean!

Posted on | March 23, 2018 | No Comments


So long Winter, because Spring has arrived! Whether the weather agrees or not, it’s time for Spring cleaning! Say goodbye to the dust, messy gardens, clutter and other unnecessary build-up from winter hibernation. It’s time to clean house and remove that which no longer serves us.

Everyone is unique, and so is the way they clean. You could tackle it all at once or gradually diminish the dirt and clutter around your home or office space.

Did you know that you can rent items to do your Spring cleaning? Whether it’s your closet or garage, here are a few items you can rent to Spring clean:

Ladder – dust Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation in Carson, CA has a great selection of ladders such as this Fiberglass Step-ladder. Dust off those hard-to-reach places and breathe fresh air!

Pressure washer – patio

This Blastrac carpet cleaner from United Rentals saves the day! It gets rid of thick coatings and other unwanted rubber.

The best part is, no storage necessary.

Start your Spring cleaning and visit www.rentalcompare.com today.