The Top 5 Most Unusual Rental Items

Posted on | March 1, 2018 | No Comments

What type of things do you rent? Most people rent items like tables, chairs and other necessities for events, parties & projects. Some are smart enough to rent textbooks and return them after finishing a course. We all rent items we need even if they seem odd or out of the ordinary because we simply don’t want to pay the whole price for it, especially if we will only use it once.

Here’s the top 5 most unusual items:


Funeral costs can be very overwhelming for the surviving family members. Instead of purchasing a casket, you can rent one with its removable interior. The body is placed inside of a wooden frame which is then placed inside of the casket so that the body does not make contact. It is an affordable alternative to paying over $1,000 for a casket, especially if the body will be cremated after the funeral service. Search for a funeral home at Funeral Net to rent a suitable casket.


When it comes to cell phones, some people spend thousands of dollars to have the newest gadget. For some, it’s a simple mode of communication. Yet when they need to travel abroad or want to show off, there is the option to rent a smart phone with a prepaid sim card. Rent a smart phone for as low as $2.99 with Cell Hire.


Not every woman has a flock friends or family that she’d choose to be in her bridal party. Jen Glantz created a solution by hiring well-groomed women to be professional bridesmaids for pay. How unusually clever is that? Contact Bridesmaid For Hire to complete your bridal party.

Designer Products

Designer clothes, bags and jewelry may be too expensive to buy, so renting is a great next alternative. It’s cost-effective and you can look good while saving money. Bag, Borrow or Steal has good rental deals on luxury designer bags and accessories with free shipping every day.


Want to be a star? In a world where celebrities are revered, lots of people want to be treated like one. One major way to feel like a celebrity is if people follow you wherever you go, snapping pictures! Why not hire Hire Paparazzi Los Angeles to be famous for a day?