Tips On Projector Rentals

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Tips On Projector Rentals

Any individual who has actually staffed a trade show booth or led a training session could tell you the worth of projector rentals. Below is simply a little sample of the responses shown us by sales as well as training experts:

– Travel Hassles– Projectors are incredibly breakable. Traveling with them is troublesome. With projector services, business tourists can book a rental and also have it provided ahead of time to their location. If you commonly have greater than one person taking a trip for your company, it does not make financial feeling to invest money on a projector for each and every. Projector leasing provide you the resources you require for less.

– Maintenance Issues– Projectors are costly to preserve. If something fails, the price of substitute parts could leave hand. Relying on the model, light bulbs alone could face the hundreds of dollars. Projector leasing conserve you this cost. Trustworthy suppliers always examine their makers before delivering them to customers and they take duty for any kind of repairs.

– Currency– Technology is always changing and also it is hard for company to maintain. Projector services allow you access to the latest versions whenever you require them. With services, you won’t have to take care of outdated presentation devices. You could create fantastic presentations without blowing your hardware budget plan.

– Disposal– Disposal is an issue for all tools, not just projectors. Projector leasing (or any devices service) take the obligation off of you for disposal and/or recycling. The supplier gets rid of the old tools for you as well as conserves you the time as well as energy called for to find a suitable disposal approach.

Right here are a few suggestions for intending projector services:

– Find a vendor that provides assistance on appropriate projector leasing. Your vendor should be able to suggest a certain sort of projector or display based on the dimension of room or booth you will be presenting in and also the dimension of the audience. Your vendor can tell you the resolution you should guarantee a brilliant, clear discussion.

– Ask your vendor regarding technical assistance. Light bulbs have an astonishing propensity for stressing out right prior to a presentation. If you are not acquainted with the projector, you may have trouble hooking it as much as your laptop or desktop. Along with projector leasing, does your supplier give support? Do they use only telephone assistance, or are professionals available to find to your training or exhibit website?

– What else do you need to make your presentation a success, and also does your vendor offer it? You could need laser reminders, an audio system or even laptop rentals. Make certain to ask about the availability of the other equipment you may need as well as, once more, the technical assistance needed to establish everything up.

Be prepared. Rental fee your tools from a trusted projector rental business with years of experience, a very qualified assistance staff and a record of supplying positive outcomes for their clients. Ensure you have actually gone through your discussion in advance and worked out all the kinks so you are making the most out of the time you are spending with your audience. You can find several projectors on who meet this criteria. Click here to see a selection of high quality projectors.

What to Know About LED & Interactive Floors

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LED dance floors which are also known as sparkle dance floors or sparkle LED dance floors and many other names are floors with panels or tiles which light up with different colors which are used primarily for dance.

They are a more reliable dance floor for weddings are generally have pure white, pure black or black and white lighting. They also have over 1000 lights in them which can be programmed to different lighting options that will amaze your guests and create a great focal point as the event progresses.

These dance floors are very beautiful and make your event more colorful. They have a whole lot of benefits which includes:

Easy setup: The time needed to set up these dance floors in very less when compared to other types of dance floors. To assemble and polish a LED dance floor, all you need is approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: LED dance floors bring more fun to your events or weddings at a relatively affordable price. You can get a well-priced LED dance floor at around $500.

Add an Extra Dimension to your Weddings: We all love to have that talked about the wedding, where people have an amazing time, see something exceptional and all. The addition of LED dance floor to your event hall will immediately add an extra dimension to any reception room.

Mood: Every wedding needs the perfect mood or setting. LED dance floors can help you create that wonderful mood with these stunning LED dance floors especially when combined with a unique room styling.

Flexible: LED dance floors can be customized to whatever shape you need; they do not have to be square which makes them suitable for almost any venue you can think of. They can also be used for catwalks, civil ceremony aisles and room entrances and other events to add an extra dimension to the event.

Beautiful Lighting: LED dance floors provide different colors to your events making it more colorful, fun and adding light to your event.


LED dance floors provide energy and cost efficient ways to add value and an extra wow to your events, especially weddings. Check out these awesome LED & interactive floors by Holo-Walls here.

Things You Can Do With Wine/Whiskey Barrels

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Things to do with… Wine/Whiskey Barrels

Let’s get down right country by using rented wine barrels for your next party whether it’s rolling over the hay or posh French wine country theme. Barrels give a rustic feel to any party and since these are rented out, they don’t have to be stuck in your yard or garage gathering dust. Wine/Whiskey barrels are great as entertainment pieces, makeshift bar, buffet table, end tables for flower arrangements, decors or even as guest registry but then you have to buy the barrel.
Here are a few ideas in using wine/whiskey barrels. These are random thoughts on fun and some crazy ways to use rented barrels in an event or party:

• Wine barrels for a wine tasting event. These are wide enough to hold a few wine bottles, glasses and a plate of cheeses or bite size canapes. Each barrel has designated wine and your guests can move from one barrel to another.
• An insane idea is riding a wine or whiskey barrel in the pool. This is great for summer cookouts by the pool, when everybody’s drunk and aren’t afraid to try something new. Place a barrel into the pool, make sure that it floats though, and then let your guests try to climb up the barrel and sit on top of it for say 30 seconds without going under.
• Barrels are great makeshift buffet tables or serving tables, just line them up with different dishes and drinks. You can be creative on how you put each dish on the barrel or go rustic and just put the whole pot on top of the barrel and let your guests serve themselves. If you want a more formal and classic set up, place a flat slab of driftwood or glass over the barrels as your table. Use these anyway you want, be creative.
• Barrel race, anyone? If the area is big enough to have a barrel race, and I mean a really large area with a slope or hill, it would be fun to play this game. Just push the barrel and maneuver going up and down the slope and back to base. This is a fun team building exercise or family game to heat up the competition.
Get creative with different party rentals such as wine barrels to make your events lively and unforgettable. Whenever you have a gathering or event, remember that crazy is fun. Wine barrels aren’t just decors and makeshift table, these are also props for games that will keep the party rolling.

Things You Could Do With an African Tribal Mask

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This segment of “Things You Could” features all the things you could do with a creepy African tribal mask. Yes, you could obviously hang them up as room decoration, but would you rather do something more entertaining?
1.) Scare your mom. Imagine how hilarious it would be in you grabbed one of these babies and strapped it on your face, waited until Mom was absentmindedly watching a rerun of “The Golden Girls” and you jumped out from the closet. Word of caution, make sure you can run very fast.
2.) Plaster the entire outside of your home with them. How awesomely creepy would be be to freak out your entire neighborhood and scare all the children away from your house?
3.) Convert them to candy jars during Halloween. This makeover is completely doable and probably involves a bit of plastic wrap and tape, but isn’t this way more interesting than the boring plastic jack-o-lantern?

Things You Could Do With…A Pinata

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This week’s segment of “Things You Could” features an adorably cute My Little Pony piñata that is sure to make you feel like the world’s most heinous murderer after the piñata beating is over. Here’s a couple of alternatives to the destruction.

1.) Get a bunch of these babies and use them as lawn flamingo alternatives. People will wonder what kind of weirdo lives in that pinkified residence and you’ll get a rise of out of the community. Cute!

2.) Hate your ex-boyfriend? Stuff some decomposing fish and other sea creatures and let Pinkie Pie stew in his garage. Just make sure no one knows, or you will be labeled as the psycho ex girlfriend/attention seeker. No judgements!

3.) Use it to store valuables. No thief would ever think of stealing a piñata, much less a crazily cute pink one. What kind of thief would want to be caught dead running out of a house with a pinkp horse piñata? That’s right. No one.

Things You Could Do With A….Cotton Candy Machine

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This week’s “Things You Could Do” features the overused staple of fairs, boardwalk amusements, and a cavity waiting to happen — the cotton candy machine! What sort of bizarre (nearly stupid) things can you do with a cotton candy machine rental? All sorts of brainless things, actually!


1.) Instead of putting sugar in the bowl, what if you put pop rocks in it? What oddly bizarre or maybe even anticlimatic surprise would come from your experiment? Only one way to find out! Don’t forget to wear safety goggles just in case. We wouldn’t want any pop rock projectile taking out your right eye.

2.) Make a giant cotton candy ball and try to break the Guinness records. This is probably the most boring suggestion.

3.) Take said giant cotton candy ball leave it in a public parking lot in the dead of the night. Be sure to be back in the morning with your foldable chair and do some people watching. Place bets to see which stranger would try to eat it first.

4.) Or, take that gigantic ball of cotton candy and put a few fireworks in it. Light it up and watch the magic.

5.) Since Valentine’s is coming up, maybe that gigantic cotton ball could be a substitute for the dozen roses. (That is, if you have a s/o with a great sense of humor. This post is not responsible for any subsequent break ups that ensue.)

Things You Could — Tropical Umbrella Rental

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This week’s “Things You Could” features the seemingly unassuming Tropical Umbrella Rental and all the crafty things you could do with one if you really tried.

1.) Imaginary trip to Hawaii: Say you’re strapped for cash and you really want a tropical vacation. Rent one of these tropical sunbrellas, download “50 Sounds of Hawaii”, steal sand from a playground, and spread out your towel. Bring out that old fan to blow salt in your face. For maximum imitation, invest in a water misting sprayer to go off in intervals.

2.) Gigantic Tiki Torch (but you should probably buy it instead of renting it). This will show all your neighbors that you are a criminally insane pyromaniac and show them who’s really the boss in your community. As an added bonus, you can scare those pesky neighborhood children. (Or inspire them, but let’s hope that’s not the case)

3.) Jazz up your otherwise boring living space and trick people into thinking you’re actually fun to be with. Stick one in your kitchen, one in your bathroom, and one next to the TV for ultimate eccentricity.

4.) Rent 50 of them and live in perpetual shade. Perfect if you’re afraid of sunlight or have an unnatural obsession with vampires. (Or if you are one, no judgement)

5.) String Christmas lights on a couple to create some sort of light show. Perfect for someone who desires to be the center of attention and doesn’t mind paying an atrocious electricity bill.


Things You Could — Palm Tree Rental

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“Things You Could”  is a new weekly blog that features an item on RC that’s available to rent and some of the possible things you could do with it.



1.) If you’re not in California, you could rent a bunch, lay out on a towel, and turn on that portable tanning contraption.

2.) Annoying in-laws heading your way? No problem! Rent a couple for decoration and if you’re desperate to escape, maybe you could crouch and hide behind some of the trees.

3.) Perhaps you are feeling the Christmas blues in June, but can’t find a suitable Christmas tree. Drown out your sorrows by decorating a palm tree! Much, much more pizazz.

4.) If you’ve got that perverted peeping tom who likes to help himself, rent a couple of palm trees to cover your windows!

5.) Or, if you’re a self-proclaimed hermit who needs some nature in your life, rent a couple of these babies to double as window blockers and as your taste of the outside world.

Weird Rentals — The Morbid

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This week’s weird rentals borders upon the morbid and creepy. Don’t judge!

  • 1. Body Parts

    Lease Your Body in Miami brings together advertisers and people who are a little short on cash for a collaboration that is just a tiny bit creepy. One woman even auctioned off her forehead and traded her noggin for ten thousand dollars! Of course, she had to walk around with a forehead tattoo for the rest of her life, but to each our own, right? If you’ve got less gusto, the option to get a temporary tattoo is still on the table, but for a meager $200 compensation. If you’ve got a less than flattering forehead, you’ve still got a plethora of other parts for advertisers to abuse.

  • 2. Casket

    This may sound a bit morbid, but the day has come where caskets can finally be rented. Before you shriek obscenities about desecrating the dead or disturbing some thousand year old curse, keep in mind that the economy nowadays is also a kind of death trap.  Aunt Suzy is in another world anyway so having that ornate cherrywood with the pearl lining is probably not one of her concerns.

  • 3. Grave

    A (dead) woman was recently evicted from her tomb in Brazil when her relatives couldn’t keep up with the grave payments. Perhaps a slight plus about grave renting is that one wouldn’t have to worry about clearing out the loved one for the next guest.  If it’s not yours, it’s not your responsibility!

Weird Rentals — Animals

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This week’s Weird Rentals pays tribute to our friends in the animal kingdom and all the four legged or two legged creatures who are here to make your life a little easier for you.

1.) Pet
Recently dumped? Not sure if you have enough responsibility for a dog? Rent one to soothe your aching heart or maternal instincts! FlexPetz offers well trained dogs for animal lovers and commitment phobes alike, helping to convince you that you’re either ready for your own canine companion or that you have the responsibility of a two year old. Each dog is well trained and provides the most excellent of companionship.











2.) Goat
In dire need of a weedwhacker and fertilizer? Tackle both conundrums by renting one (or many) live goats! These hardy little creatures will eat through all the unwanted pesky weeds and even deliver a little extra fertilizer on top.











3.) Cow
Have some weird, unexplainable urge to own a cow? Farmers in Switzerland have conquered that market, offering their cows for hire. Spend a week on the farm, milk your cow of choice, and at the end of your trip, you get a shipment of cheese and all sorts of cow related goodies for keepsakes.