April Festivities

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From baby showers to bridal parties, April is going to be full of festivities!

Rental Compare is here for all of your event needs, including floral themed rentals such as backdrops from Backdrops Beautiful in San Diego or floral floral chairs from Props Service West in North Hollywood.

Embrace the Spring season with bright and colorful decor whether inside or outside.

Lots of weddings are happening this Spring, so if you plan on renting furniture or need last minute items, look no further! Be sure to check out our wedding chairs, tables and thrones.

Spring is Here, time to Clean!

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So long Winter, because Spring has arrived! Whether the weather agrees or not, it’s time for Spring cleaning! Say goodbye to the dust, messy gardens, clutter and other unnecessary build-up from winter hibernation. It’s time to clean house and remove that which no longer serves us.

Everyone is unique, and so is the way they clean. You could tackle it all at once or gradually diminish the dirt and clutter around your home or office space.

Did you know that you can rent items to do your Spring cleaning? Whether it’s your closet or garage, here are a few items you can rent to Spring clean:

Ladder – dust Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation in Carson, CA has a great selection of ladders such as this Fiberglass Step-ladder. Dust off those hard-to-reach places and breathe fresh air!

Pressure washer – patio

This Blastrac carpet cleaner from United Rentals saves the day! It gets rid of thick coatings and other unwanted rubber.

The best part is, no storage necessary.

Start your Spring cleaning and visit www.rentalcompare.com today.

She said Yes! Now What?

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You’re engaged. Now what?

Since we’re sliding right into wedding season, we decided to share some tips! The thought of planning a wedding can be overwhelming even if you’ve already solicited the talents of a professional wedding planner. There are so many things to do and it feels like there is so little time. If you haven’t already, you have to find an event planner, set a date, research a venue, decide on a theme and consider lots of other details.

On that long list of to-do things is to find an event rental company. Enter Rental Compare. Here, you can rent the perfect tables and chairs, props, flowers and plenty of other wedding necessities in your area. Instead of browsing the net or making countless phone calls, we have everything you need to make this an event to remember.

After all, this is the most important day of your life, right?

Time to Celebrate!

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It’s celebration time!

Spring season is right around the corner and with it comes weddings, festivals, spring break events & graduations. Rental Compare gives you quick access to all of the rental vendors in your area that meet your specific party needs.

Do you realize how important decor is for an event? It can make or break the experience for guests! Here are a few cool rental ideas for this Spring:


Backdrops make graduation parties and festivals more fun and eventful. Click here to check out ‘Backdrops Beautiful’ murals.


Tents are great for outside parties and gatherings. Rent a tent from A1 Rentals, a trusted vendor in Los Angeles County. Click here for a look at their tents for rent.

Thrones & Chairs:

Want to be the king or queen for a day? Look no further, Rental Compare provides access to the best selections in your area! Click here to see what we have in store for you!

No matter the occasion, there are lots of items, furniture and equipment to rent for a stress-free event planning experience.

Lighting Rentals in Los Angeles

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One of the first things one notices at a social gathering is the lighting. The single most important task of any party planner is to make sure that the lighting is flattering and complimentary to the theme of the party.

We offer a wide variety of lighting options from great vendors like Holo-Walls, who even have LED liquid fusion interactive tabletop rentals. From liquid fusion floor tiles to holographic dance floors, Holo-Walls is sure to light up the party.

There are so many creative ways to maximize on lighting in every environment. For example, Air Dimensional rents huge 8ft standing spheres in a variety of colors. How fun is that? These low energy high impact spheres are the perfect touch to an artsy type of gathering.

Don’t let poor lighting dim your shine, let us brighten your experience!

The Top 5 Most Unusual Rental Items

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What type of things do you rent? Most people rent items like tables, chairs and other necessities for events, parties & projects. Some are smart enough to rent textbooks and return them after finishing a course. We all rent items we need even if they seem odd or out of the ordinary because we simply don’t want to pay the whole price for it, especially if we will only use it once.

Here’s the top 5 most unusual items:


Funeral costs can be very overwhelming for the surviving family members. Instead of purchasing a casket, you can rent one with its removable interior. The body is placed inside of a wooden frame which is then placed inside of the casket so that the body does not make contact. It is an affordable alternative to paying over $1,000 for a casket, especially if the body will be cremated after the funeral service. Search for a funeral home at Funeral Net to rent a suitable casket.


When it comes to cell phones, some people spend thousands of dollars to have the newest gadget. For some, it’s a simple mode of communication. Yet when they need to travel abroad or want to show off, there is the option to rent a smart phone with a prepaid sim card. Rent a smart phone for as low as $2.99 with Cell Hire.


Not every woman has a flock friends or family that she’d choose to be in her bridal party. Jen Glantz created a solution by hiring well-groomed women to be professional bridesmaids for pay. How unusually clever is that? Contact Bridesmaid For Hire to complete your bridal party.

Designer Products

Designer clothes, bags and jewelry may be too expensive to buy, so renting is a great next alternative. It’s cost-effective and you can look good while saving money. Bag, Borrow or Steal has good rental deals on luxury designer bags and accessories with free shipping every day.


Want to be a star? In a world where celebrities are revered, lots of people want to be treated like one. One major way to feel like a celebrity is if people follow you wherever you go, snapping pictures! Why not hire Hire Paparazzi Los Angeles to be famous for a day?

Reasons Why Smart People Rent Equipment Instead of Buy

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It’s time to put together an amazing event and you don’t know where to start. You’re making a list of all the equipment you’ll need for the party and begin to get nervous because the list is getting longer and longer, pricier and pricier. This happens to be one of the biggest events of the year and you feel overwhelmed. What do you do?

You could purchase the chairs, the tables, the lighting, and all of the other necessities. Alternatively, you could opt to simply rent the equipment you need to make the event a smooth and stress-free experience.

Looking for the best rental deals in your area? We make your search easier by providing a marketplace that exposes you to all of the rentals available in your area.

Let’s say you have a beautiful and sophisticated event to plan, and you want everything to be perfect. The first thing that comes to mind is the equipment you’ll need. If you desire a particular theme or setup, it’s easier and much more practical to rent the equipment. One of the most obvious reasons the cost, because it is less expensive. Renting gives you access to affordable quality equipment, especially if you need a high quantity of items.

It’s always fun to rent different gadgets and learn how to use them without commitment. You can rent a cool camera to document an event and return it. How awesome is it to rent a camera and find out if you really like it before deciding to purchase it? The best part is that you don’t have to worry about maintenance or repair!

You don’t have to worry about inventory management, storage space or any other responsibilities that come with the buying of equipment. Renting frees up time and money for you to get really creative with design and other fun aspects of event planning. For example, tents can serve as a blank canvas and provide flexibility in terms of location, privacy and maximum occupancy.

Smart people rent things like furniture and technology to bikes and wedding dresses. When planning your next event, think outside the box and Rental Compare will help you transform your vision into reality.

RentalCompare Launches Redesigned Site for 2018

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We would like to start the new year by announcing a newly redesigned web site which will be launched in the first quarter of this year.

We took your comments and suggestions and are adding many new features you requested.

Look for the launch announcement soon.

Thanks again for your support and encouragement!